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Our Feis

A feis is the Irish term used to describe a competition for Irish dancing, art, baking, and music. Today, most feiseanna (plural of feis) are focused around the dancing. The booster club has proudly hosted a feis on behalf of the Rhythm of Ireland school for 22 years!

2023 Rhythm of Ireland Feiseanna

Rhythm of Ireland Feis and Fall Fling Féile

September 9-10 in Williamsburg, VA


Rosanna Dolan Memorial Feis and Christmas Rose Feis

November 18-19
The Roseanna Dolan Memorial Feis is named in honor of Debbie Bristol's mother.


Why Compete?

Competing sets goals for your dancers and gives them a chance to receive feedback from world class judges. Dancers get to meet people from all over the state, region, and world to make new friends with the same passion. Our students are also taught skills to build self confidence so that they can bring their love for dance to the stage with presence!

Why should I get involved in our feis?

Our feis is currently the only one held in Hampton Roads, VA. By helping to host our feis, you're helping provide our students with the opportunity to compete without the additional expenses of travel. Being involved with our feis also teaches you more about the world of Irish dance and what you might expect at other feiseanna (plural of feis).

How do we get started?

Email us for more information!

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